You saved it.  We preserve it.

At Jumbo Dog, we understand every parent’s struggle between preserving meaningful mementos, such as children’s art, photos, sports’ trophies, and / or baby items, while also trying to maintain an uncluttered home.

We scan and photograph your family’s precious items and create beautiful, custom glass or hard cover books, that are designed to last a lifetime.

Our high quality books are personalized and tailored to each client’s needs and wishes. Whether we are converting bins and boxes of children’s art, schoolwork and sports trophies into a book, or preserving memories and photos from a special vacation, with our wide-format scanner – that can scan items up to 3’ by 5’ – and our photography studio, we can scan or photograph almost anything our clients give us.

What Sets our Business Apart

1) We can include a range of items: Since we can include more than just artwork, the books are true memory books.

2) Hands-on customer service: Each book is as unique and special as the family to whom it belongs, so we take the utmost attention and care in designing their personalized book(s).  Once we receive the items, we call to review the details to ensure customer satisfaction.  For clients closer in proximity to us, we will visit and help sort through art and other mementos for a small additional fee.

3) High quality and array of book options: All of our stunning books lay completely flat when open, and beautifully showcase art and mementos.  We offer three types of books in a myriad of sizes: standard hard cover, Luxe hardcover and glass cover books.