January – a Fresh Start and Time to Declutter!

Posted on January 14, 2015 

Do you have a closet or part of your house that you are hiding, like this? We all do. We are human. We collect, save and hang onto our memories.


Nevertheless, the holidays are over, we have just finished cleaning up from houseguests and most of us are ready to tackle the new year. At the same time, you may now have a nagging feeling that you still need to tackle those larger projects…like photo organization.

As painful as it is to admit— even we, who are in the business of helping families preserve memories, also let old photos and mementos pile up! This happens because we believe that a project like this will require hours and hours of time that we just don’t have. This is partly true, but we guarantee that putting this effort in is immensely worthwhile, and we have 4 easy tips that can help you make this your month to get it done.

1) Start with something fun – the aesthetics!

Most older photos are non-digital and you probably won’t realistically insert them into albums. So, start by motivating yourself by purchasing some great photo boxes that will look neat, tidy and organized, once full.

2) Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Begin with one small section. Then, estimate the timeframe for the photo(s), categorize and label that one section of photos on the exterior of the box(es), while being a ruthless editor in terms of which ones you save from that section. (Ask yourself “will my kids want to look at this when they are 40?” If no, then toss it!) Then, do it again for another section the next day, and so forth.

3) Recruit your family to help!

Depending on their age and maturity level, you might be surprised to see how much your children enjoy sitting with you and going through the photos of mom and dad “way back when.” You can make it fun by playing music of the 80s or 90s and asking them to make labels or stack them neatly.

4) Remember, we are all human!

We all have these hidden stashes and the reason for keeping them is a good one. Remind yourself that you will actually enjoy these memories and be able to pass them along if they are organized. And, if all else fails, think about hiring an organizer to help organize and digitize these precious pictures.

Or use a service like this: http://www.scancafe.com/

Regardless of how it gets done, do it. Your family will thank you! Please share with us if you have additional tips/thoughts/ideas – we want to hear about it. We found a lot of other great ideas we pinned on Pinterest! Follow us and check them out! Email us at: jumbo@jumbodogartbooks.com


Jessica and Yaël

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